Spanish Network Picks Comcast Wholesale’s VOD Platform

Spanish-language network Vme Media has picked the Comcast Media Center (CMC) to manage and deliver its video-on-demand programming, which includes “Peep,” “Dibo,” “Bruno and the Banana Bunch,” “Wild Animal Baby Explorers” and “Rosie’s World,” is delivered via the Comcast Media Center’s VOD distribution platform. 


“Distribution of Vme’s one-of-a-kind entertainment and educational programming through  CMC’s platform will complement both carriage of our linear channel in markets serving more than 10 million U.S. Latino households and introduce us to new markets as free VOD content for digital video customers,” said Alvaro Garnica, Vme’s general manager. 


The Comcast Media Center’s VOD footprint encompasses cable systems across multiple MSOs serving more than 56 million VOD-enabled households in the U.S. and Canada. Launched in 2003, the CMC's national VOD platform provides a secure content distribution environment for films and other licensed video programming. 


“We are very pleased to count Vme among the growing number of video service providers that rely upon us to meet their goal of reaching Spanish-language households throughout North America,” said Richard Buchanan, vice president and general manager of content solutions at Comcast Media Center. “CMC’s VOD distribution platform is ideally suited to meet the needs of Vme and other television programming networks looking for a fast, reliable, cost-effective, widely adopted and quality-driven solution for their content distribution requirements.”

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