Blog | Chris Corlett, Account Manager
March 22, 2017

March “Ad-ness”

The craziest annual college basketball tournament has commenced! College basketball’s premier tournament is exciting because of its unpredictability; with 68 teams competing in a single-elimination battle for glory, anything can happen. Behind the scenes, everything needs to run like clockwork in order to keep audiences on the edge of their seats – especially when it comes to delivering the ads that keep the action coming.

For advertisers, the unique nature of this annual sports phenomenon represents a huge opportunity to capitalize on a diverse, expansive, and short-term audience. Average game viewership is in the 10+ millions, and the championship typically receives 20+ million viewers, putting ad buys at a premium.

And those ad buys can really pay off: companies who can take advantage of the opportunity see some great results from multi-platform TV advertising campaigns like those delivered during the tourney. A recent report from Accenture shows that multi-platform TV advertising can have a significant halo effect on other components of an integrated campaign such as search, display, and short-form video advertising.

Understanding and maximizing the advertising value of major sporting events is a sweet spot for Comcast Technology Solutions. Our Ad Suite offers advertisers with the processes and technologies that we use to manage and deliver our own ad inventory. Rest assured that every one of your spots will be handled with great care and expediency, whether it’s for air during a majorly televised event or for a recurring show.

So when the game is on the line, make sure you have a partner who will have your back in ad distribution.