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January 27, 2015

Vilynx: Changing the Face of Video

Jeremy Harvey

Why viewers are missing out on great online videos

We live in a video world. TV, movies, PCs, tablets and even our smartphones are ever-ready to deliver great and sometimes not so great video content. In the month of November, 2014 alone, there were 192 million unique online video viewers (comScore). These viewers need a better and quicker way to discover what’s inside each video.

But let’s talk about quality, not quantity. How often does a viewer hesitate to watch a “recommended” video because he doesn’t want to sit through another pre-roll advertisement not knowing if the video is worth watching? And when viewers do click through, they are only willing to give content 5-10 sec of attention before deciding whether to continue watching more of the video.

Glanceable data

Analyst Ben Bajarin over at Creative Strategies has seen a rise in what he calls “glanceable data.” It’s the idea that given our increasingly hectic lives, content needs to presented more efficiently, particularly on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, so we can grasp its value quickly and decide whether to dive deeper or move on.

This is where the Vilynx Video Gallery comes into play. By adding a “dynamic video thumbnail” to online videos, publishers can automatically provide a quick, at-a-glance preview of what’s inside each video. By showcasing multiple clips simultaneously, it appeals to more interests and thus more viewers. This new technology provides the most efficient way to browse through publishers’ online videos to find content of interest.

Picture this

There is so much more we can do to promote and expose great video content than simply presenting a static, single screen image. When viewers have a better idea of what’s in the content of a video, it’s more likely they’ll click through to watch it. This can increase click-through rates of online videos by 3x. Another benefit is that the viewers tend to stay engaged longer with each video and in turn can increase time spent on the website by 6x.

The bottom line: $$$

With the increased click-through rate and engagement time, publishers are able to generate more revenue from their existing video inventory. Vilynx has also developed a technology that places ads in line with the video browsing experience, which offers an additional revenue source for publishers.

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