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June 30, 2015

Automatic Availability Windows

Paul Brickel

Managing media availability has become increasingly complicated and dynamic. Content exclusivity for negotiated time periods is now commonplace – it frequently moves in and out of syndication outlets, and there might also be regional content restrictions. Creating this exclusivity traditionally requires heavy manual processing that involves approvals, defining individual windows, and configuring new windows as required.

mpx simplifies the creation and management of availability windows. With mpx, you can automate your media availability schedule, dynamically change ad policies, manage content restrictions, modify media metadata, and more:

Window Automation & Tags

From a single account, mpx enables you to automate the management of availability windows and control where your media is consumed. It also lets you define when media is available and when it expires in combination with availability tags. Availability tags allow you to mark an availability window for a specific region or device (e.g., iPad). mpx automatically selects the appropriate feed and device by evaluating these windows and tags. For example, if you are syndicating content via an Apple TV, you may offer rights-restricted content for the first 30 days of availability and unrestricted access afterwards (the 2nd window of availability). In mpx, you can label the different availability windows as “restricted” and “unrestricted.” In the aforementioned Apple TV scenario, when “restricted” content is published in the first availability window, it will require user authentication for a period of time then expire. Once expired, the second availability window begins and “unrestricted” content is published and freely viewed.

Managing Complexity

When managing multiple availability windows, validation rules in mpx give you the ability to link policies and products to availability windows, modify media metadata, and link an action to a custom field. As illustrated by the following chart, media can be packaged in different ways (e.g., subscription packages, product bundles, discount periods, etc.) based on different availability periods before expiration.

Common scenarios for setting validation rules against window availability may include:

  • Packaging content for electronic sell through
  • Modifying metadata
  • Associating different ad policies with media availability windows (e.g., Ad Policy 1 is associate with the first availability window and Ad Policy 2 is associate with the second availability window, etc.)
  • Enforcing content restrictions for different availability windows (exclusive content or TV Everywhere)

mpx’s multiple availability windows combined with validation rules provide a powerful and flexible interface for working with media. As inventory grows, policies and packaging change, and new monetization paths emerge. mpx lets you maintain control over how your media is best consumed, modified, and maintained.