Blog | Patrick O'Connor
September 16, 2015

Four Network Capabilities Essential to Ad Distribution

The most critical aspect of any ad delivery vendor—besides full-service customer relations—is the capability of the network over which the ad assets flow.

There is very little a distribution partner can do for your advertising needs without a robust and reliable network to get your spots from point A to point B. It is the backbone of the vendor’s business, and it needs to be a world-class performing network capable of instilling confidence in the handling of your assets.

As you evaluate a new or existing delivery vendor, keep these four key network capabilities in mind.

  1. Network Quality
    The quality and design of the network has the greatest effect on the speed at which assets are delivered. Is the network the vendor uses to deliver ads built specifically to handle large online media objects? A purpose-built network supports greater stability and reliability, facilitates faster delivery times, significantly reduces latency, and supports the next key network capability.
  2. Guaranteed Delivery Times
    Timing is everything with ad delivery. When your brand’s campaign is on the line, you want to know that your spots are delivered on time and accurately. Can your vendor guarantee delivery times?
  3. Network Reach
    You have an ad plan that includes penetration into specific markets. What reach does your vendor have into these markets or third party networks? Does it have direct touch points in your areas of focus? Not all ad distribution networks have equal reach. It is imperative that your choice of vendor has a broad and thorough footprint directly to your desired destinations.
  4. Security
    You have spent significant time and budget to create content that resonates with your audience and reflects your brand. The network that delivers your assets ought to ensure security of your brand and proprietary content with robust physical and virtual measures.

Where are your assets stored? Is the facility that houses the servers an MPAA-rated secure facility? Does it have on-site security monitoring, redundant servers, and redundant power supply? Your delivery vendor should demonstrate its commitment to protecting your brand assets with thorough and intelligent security standards.

While the process of delivering ad assets seems straightforward on the surface, it is beneficial to dig into the makeup of the network utilized for distribution. Knowing how your assets are transported and stored, as well as the details of the network, is simply good business practice where your brand assets are concerned.