Blog | Andy Boyer
August 27, 2015

Protect Your Pay TV Content and Monetize Every Window

As the cloud continues to expand the boundaries of premium television services, it is also creating numerous monetization opportunities for pay TV operators. The second part of our four part series called Pay TV 2.015 addresses the importance of content protection when it comes to monetizing every window. Read our solution brief called “Pay TV 2.015 – Policies and Entitlements” to learn how mpx:

  • Authenticates and authorizes play requests for linear channels, subscriptions, and transactions;
  • Provides a variety of security options – user authentication, validating tokens, content licensing agreements, geo-fencing, to name a few – to enforce all content and access rules; and
  • Facilitates advertising with ad policies, tags, server side ad insertion, and more.

Read Pay TV 2.015 – Policies and Entitlements