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November 24, 2015

Unleash Digital Learning with MediaAMP

Joanna Mullally

Much in the same way that premium television has moved beyond the living room in recent years, education has also undergone a similar transformation. Although teaching and learning still primarily take place in the classroom, these two essentials of education can now take place ‘just about anywhere’ with today’s online video technology. thePlatform’s strategic partner, MediaAMP, is paving the way for digitized education.

Developed at a leading research university and powered by thePlatform’s mpx, MediaAMP’s end-to-end “Media Management Platform” addresses the unique challenges of operating a digital media-intensive learning environment. With a deep understanding of the complex requirements that educational organizations face, MediaAMP enables you to significantly reduce the cost and complexity of storing, managing, and delivering content. The following are additional benefits of MediaAMP’s solution:

  • Teaching and Learning – MediaAMP integrates with leading lecture capture and learning management systems to provide a central management hub, allowing instructors and departments to manage their content and power rich multimedia learning experiences.
  • Libraries and Special Collections – Feed-based, secure delivery ensures compliance with copyright and fair use access restrictions, while still enabling collaboration and the reuse of digital content. Online media collections are searchable via robust customizable metadata.
  • Marketing – MediaAMP unlocks siloes of content across the entire institution, securely distributing digital media to external audiences through virtually any delivery channel. Showcase learning assets to support Public Relations, Admissions, and Community Outreach initiatives.

Athletics – Manage and deliver valuable assets, like game film, from a centralized repository, enabling secure collaboration across teams and departments. Maximize value by leveraging this content for broadcast and fundraising activities.