Comcast Technology Solutions delivers technology beyond expectations to help customers develop new business models and transform the customer experience. And, we power new business models to provide value today and in the future.
Ad Platform

As one of the nation’s largest advertisers and multiscreen video advertising providers, Comcast understands the importance of safeguarding your brand and getting your spots to air on time. At the crossroads of buy-side and sell-side, our Ad Platform allows you to expand your audience reach, execute in near real time, and ensure top-quality across these platforms.  

Video Platform

Content delivery and monetization across multiple platforms should not require multiple partners. The Video Platform offers rich video experiences across every screen with one solution that lets you manage, publish, distribute, and monetize. Born in broadcast, thriving in digital, the Video Platform provides flexible and open platforms, a complete OTT portfolio, and an advanced monetization and commerce engine.

Wholesale Platform

Our Wholesale Platform allows you to take advantage of world-class infrastructure and solutions without prohibitive capital investments. Centralized services such as HITS MPEG-2 Content Delivery and carrier-grade Internet technologies can enhance your service lineup or improve the connectivity and speed of your IP voice and data. With Comcast Technology Solutions, you can cost-effectively deploy and optimize your services for your customers.

X1 Platform

Today’s video consumers demand extraordinary multimedia experiences that are consistent across primary and secondary screens and merge entertainment with their everyday lives.  Add in content costs, fragmented programming rights, the challenge of distribution to multiple platforms and competitive threats, and the landscape becomes even more complex. Comcast’s X1 Platform is a multi-screen entertainment operating system at the forefront of video innovation that meets your customer where they want to be and simplifies a complex world. Comcast Technology Solutions provides the X1 Platform as a fully-managed, cloud-based service that has been deployed at scale and delivered measurable business impact.

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