Take advantage of new advertising opportunities while reducing timely manual efforts with a centralized cloud management architecture

Recent trends in viewership have introduced significant complexities to the advertising ecosystem, requiring content providers to adapt their workflows to different technologies including set-top boxes, VOD and over-the-top (OTT) services. Currently, manual processes take between 24 and 72 hours before a linear advertisement can effectively be transcoded and delivered across all channels. Comcast Technology Solutions AdStor’s cloud-based workflow reduces these processes to just minutes for quicker display through multichannel programming distributors. 

What Is AdStor?

AdStor is a cloud-based advertising platform that has revolutionized the advertising supply chain. AdStor streamlines the relationship between ad buyers and sellers by hosting content in an aggregated library, ready for use across any platform including video on demand (VOD) and digital destinations. With near real-time insertion capabilities, AdStor allows ad buyers and sellers to fully take advantage of all advertising opportunities while reducing timely manual efforts.

This one-stop interface provides Ad Operations teams instant access to creative; from which they can automatically prepare and distribute ad content to MVPD’s and digital properties. Now programmers can solve their greatest hurdles of ad trafficking: sourcing content and fitting it for all screens. Having commercials in one place means streamlined, quality assured, and timely campaign execution across any platform.

-AdStor At A Glance-

Near real-time campaign execution
Quality assurance across STB VOD and digital platforms
Streamlined workflow with low-to-no touch creative handling
Centralized ad library, optimized industry efficiencies

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