Unify your security analytics data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) with business-ready datasets and insights by connecting DataBee and Databricks 

By combining DataBee’s normalized, integrated, time-series dataset with Databricks, you can fuel your security AI and ML operations for insights that deliver economic value from your data and improved security and compliance.  


Get security, risk, and compliance insights with business-ready datasets 

DataBee transforms and enriches your datasets with organizational data such as asset and user details and internal policies before normalizing it to a DataBee-extended version of the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF). By integrating DataBee with Databricks, you gain vendor-agnostic datasets based on the work of our security-focused data scientists who have experience with these complex data schemas. DataBee transforms data close to its source delivering clean, usable data to Databricks for accurate, trustworthy analytics.  


DataBee and Databricks: Taking your data to Gold 

In the medallion architecture, businesses and agencies organize their data in an incremental and progressive flow, allowing them to achieve multiple advanced outcomes. 

DataBee's integration with Databricks empowers customers to take their gold level datasets to the next level by leveraging advanced data transformation capabilities and sophisticated machine learning algorithms within Databricks.  

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