Building revenue generating media technology solutions

DIAGNAL is a global provider of media technology solutions and product development services to companies running premium video platforms. Our mission is to deliver innovative experiences for our customers and drive success to their business. We have a strong commitment to efficiency, trust and flexibility, and work with major media companies around the world, including Intigral, Optus Sport, Lounges.TV, VertiCast, WRC Promoter and more.

DIAGNAL Solutions:


Diagnal Enlight

ENLIGHT is DIAGNAL’s application solution for premium Over-The-Top (OTT) service providers looking to publish and monetise content quickly. It provides a collection of feature rich premium application experiences across a wide range of device platforms. Well tested and already deployed with global customers, ENLIGHT apps provide high performance and a high end experience to end-users.


Diagnal Enhance

ENHANCE is DIAGNAL’s content management solution for premium content companies looking to build great products and content partnerships both quickly and cost effectively. It has content management and publishing features to level up a content providers’ business, such as augmenting an existing OVP (online video platform) or content catalog with new and enriched metadata, introducing new content types, powering new premium streaming applications, and creating landing pages for teams, players, matches and shows. It also delivers compelling marketing campaigns to share the latest produced content to partners or social channels.

DIAGNAL Services:

By leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies, DIAGNAL build innovative and custom OTT applications that provides rich, intuitive and seamless experiences to viewers across devices and destinations.

Our services include:
  • Product Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management
  • Support and Operations