DIAGNAL is Asia's leading Internet TV Solutions Provider, helping startups and established media companies to launch new Internet TV services, as well as to acquire and retain high-value users. Diagnal has worked with a variety of companies in the region - from production houses, Tier 1 telecom operators, to free-to-air broadcasters, propelling them to the new world of Internet TV. With deep technical knowledge and product development expertise, Diagnal enables customers to focus their time on content, marketing, channel partnerships, and customer service.

Diagnal's main two solutions are:

  1. ENGAGE - Drive user acquisition, ensure revenue conversion, and improve customer retention with highly targeted campaigns running on our innovative content marketing platform. Find out more at http://diagnal.com/engage/Diagnal Engage
  2. CREATE - Applications Development and Systems Integration for Internet TV services that are ready to scale - encompassing fully featured video players, application frameworks and templates, an application management system and middleware. Find out more at http://diagnal.com/create/
Diagnal Create

Grow your Internet TV service with Diagnal. Find out more at www.diagnal.com


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