About Harmonic

Harmonic, the worldwide leader in virtualized broadband and video delivery solutions, enables media companies and service providers to deliver ultra-high-quality video streaming and broadcast services to consumers globally. Whether simplifying OTT video delivery via innovative cloud and software platforms, or powering the delivery of gigabit internet cable services, we’re changing the way media companies and service providers monetize live and on-demand content on every screen.

Our VOS®360 SaaS complements CTS deployments to accelerate time to market for live streaming and next-gen TV delivery. VOS360 lets you receive content at the source, upload it to the cloud, insert and personalize it, and then distribute it right to your viewer’s screen. You can launch new channels, stream live events with low latency, and deliver pristine video up to UHD HDR. It’s an ideal solution for diverse workflows, including:

  • Linear TV Streaming

Ingest, process, and stream a linear channel with best-in-class time-shift TV and recording capabilities.

  • Live Events

Deliver and monetize sports and other live content at scale with high resiliency, geo-redundancy and targeted ads.

  • Channel Origination

Schedule live and file sources, add graphics, create ad breaks and distribute to affiliates or stream to end-users.

  • FAST

Distribute linear channels to FAST platforms and expand your monetization opportunities.

  • Broadcast

Ingest linear channels and transcode and multiplex them to deliver transport streams to terrestrial stations or satellite teleports.

  • Video on Demand

Stream a VOD service by ingesting VOD asset files or creating assets from live content.

  • SSAI and Variants

Benefit from server-side ad insertion (SSAI) monetization on live linear or VOD streams, and create channel variants based on scheduling information, distributions rights, user location, etc.

  • Cloud Distribution

Ingest linear channels and distribute them to affiliates over a cloud infrastructure, allowing for stream customization and distribution flexibility.

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