DataBee and Snowflake: Unlock more of your security data and stitch together insights cost-effectively

By integrating DataBee’s cloud-native security, risk, and compliance data fabric with Snowflake’s Data Cloud, you augment your cost-effective, flexible, scalable security data storage by breaking down silos for enhanced collaboration across security, compliance, and business teams.

Use robust analytics while keeping costs low

DataBee parses, normalizes, and flattens data as it’s created then enriches it with business intelligence and logic. When brought together, your business extends the value of Snowflake’s near-limitless, cost-optimized capacity to store cleaned and integrated security telemetry for however long you need to keep it.

Give data-based security and compliance answers - faster

From threat hunting to audit questions, DataBee enables everyone to work from a single source of security truth. After choosing datasets from the Snowflake Marketplace, you can combine them with enriched security data from DataBee for additional insights. DataBee’s patented technology enables holistic visibility by creating a single, static entity ID for every user and device connected to your environment. With DataBee, everyone in the organization - from security to compliance to business teams - can leverage consistent, accurate analytics using near-real-time dashboards.

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