Gain data-driven controls monitoring to support zero trust architectures by connecting DataBee and Zscaler

DataBee™ for Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) and the Entity View dashboards enrich Zscaler’s network monitoring data, enabling visibility and insights into coverage and network access.

Achieve continuous controls monitoring across network access and usage now matter where users or devices are located

DataBee for CCM transforms and enriches Zscaler Client Connector data with organizational data such as asset and user details and internal policies before normalizing it to a DataBee-extended version of the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF). By leveraging Zscaler as a datasource to normalize user and device baseline patterns with DataBee’s patent-pending entity resolution technology, organizations create a consistent, continuous, accurate record of users and devices that access resources, where they access them from, and when they access them. This “time awareness” and visibility enables cross-functional data sharing that supports threat hunters, security analysts, compliance, IT, and operations with trusted analytics.

DataBee and Zscaler: Powering Security and Compliance with AI

Protecting data against advanced threats requires equally advanced technologies and analytics. By fusing Zscaler Client Connectors with DataBee’s data transformation capabilities, organizations gain data-driven insights to minimize security risks and mitigate lateral threat movement while continuously monitoring controls coverage and compliance.