Product Sheet
| May 16, 2018

Advanced Video Commerce: SVOD

Subscriber-based video on demand (SVOD) is a relationship business. When it comes to monetization strategy, course correction and adaptation are the norms, not the exceptions. Companies able to deliver a truly differentiated experience can be successful, but once you’ve got an audience’s attention, is there a golden compass that keeps you on a path of profitability? It’s all about making your destination and content offerings relevant and valuable to each member — a service worth paying for. 

If your commerce goals can be effectively summed up as “maximize the lifetime value of subscribers,” then job one of your commerce strategy is to effectively chase a constantly moving target. The purpose of this paper is to bring together many of the considerations you should include in your market strategies, and share how we address them with the Advanced Commerce tools that reside within our Online Video Platform's Video Management system. 

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