| December 12, 2023

Black Hat Interview Series: A look into the DataBee hive – what it is, how it works, and the problems it addresses

At Black Hat USA 2023, DataBee’s Tony Huynh, Principal Cyber Product Manager, and Matt Tharp, Head of Field Engineering, sat down for a talk about what DataBee is: the specific problems it’s been created to address, some of the key use cases, how it works, its use of the OCSF schema, and more. 2023 marked the first time that Comcast has participated in Black Hat as an enterprise security vendor, so Tony and Matt also discussed, “why Comcast at Black Hat?”

This video provides a great introduction to DataBee, especially for cybersecurity professionals looking to turn their security data chaos into connected outcomes. You’ll also learn more about Comcast’s history in cybersecurity and how the internal solutions created under the leadership of Comcast CISO, Noopur Davis, have been the inspiration for the DataBee security data fabric platform.