| December 19, 2018

The Business of "Play" - Video Monetization in the New Economy

Advertisers, content providers, broadcasters, agencies, content creators: One thing we have in common is that video is foundational to our success as a business. Across every discipline, teams and tech are working in concert to impact the minds and wallets of an increasingly intelligent, informed, and accessible global audience. Every piece of video content has a purpose, and a value. Comcast Technology Solutions helps companies to adapt to a rapidly changing market by adopting the technologies and processes that can keep up – and keep them competitive.

In The Business of "Play" we discuss:

  • Hybridity: The New Normal
  • Elasticity: Technology for Omni-Directional Agility
  • Tools to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Project Spotlight: People TV
  • Advertisers: Capitalize on More Screen Opportunities
  • Advanced Commerce for Ad Buyers and Sellers
  • The Challenges: Time and Complexity
  • The Problem for Buyers and Sellers

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