Solution Brief
| January 9, 2020

Can we still call it TV? The Evolution of Linear Video

the evolution of linear video


There's just something about TV...

It’s especially hard to pin down today, where our relationship with video has gone off in crazy directions that no one could have predicted back in the days of a four-channel, living-room-only experience. It still feels familiar to come home and put a program on that we’re not really watching, while we cook, do laundry, or talk to our children. It’s so hard to quantify that the very definition of TV has evolved to include all manner of devices and content platforms.

So, let’s start by redefining “watching TV” simply as the consumption of linear video — programming that streams to a screen according to a defined schedule, with or without advertising. Now that our screens are no longer just in front of the couch, it’s worth asking: Beyond a truly live event like sports or news broadcasts…is linear video even relevant anymore?

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