| April 29, 2024

The Changing Channels: New options for global media

Almost everything has changed for video in the last 20 years, but channel line-ups remain the foundation of “how” we interact with content — especially on the biggest screens in our lives. At the same time, the way content ends up in front of viewers is undergoing a revolution on more than one front.

Watch our expert panel take a deep-dive look at how channel origination has transformed on a global scale, the unique challenges of serving different countries and regions, and how the addition of a FAST channel technology layer makes it easier — and FASTer — for companies to create more relevant and binge-watchable content catalogs. 


  • Welcome and overview 

  • The global perspective on channel origination 

  • Considerations and prioritizations for your channel origination strategy 

  • FAST channels and the track to increased profitability 

  • Important trends to watch 


  • Gregg Brown, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Management, Streaming, Broadcast & Advertising, CTS 

  • Greg Forget, Senior Director, Engineering, CTS 

  • David Travis, Group Director of Content, Broadcast & Platforms, Sky 

  • Jon Cohen, Chief Revenue Officer, Frequency

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