| September 21, 2020

Getting more than just scalability from the cloud: How to migrate and respond to change faster than ever

The cloud is generally seen as a solution to scalability for online TV. This webinar replay from Comcast Technology Solutions and partner Divitel will explore the trend towards the multi-platform TV cloud, how to prepare for that future and, in doing so, how businesses can make their existing services respond to change faster.

Cloud TV is no longer just about Online TV. The industry is laying the foundations of the second phase of its digital transformation, in which broadcast and online services are streamlined into a single, cloud-based, software-defined platform, with some Pay TV operators already launching services. In this webinar, we will explore the trend towards the multi-platform TV cloud, and how the underlying technology not only future-proofs for tomorrow, but delivers key benefits today including cost-savings, greater agility, faster innovation, and improved customer experiences.

During this webinar and you will learn:

  • How Pay TV operators are embracing the shift to the cloud software-based platforms and IP, and why it isn’t just about scalability? 
  • The TV market is changing very rapidly. How do microservice architectures help organisations stay on top of change?
  • Proven Key Success Factors, business opportunities and operational challenges around the second stage of digital transformation. 
  • How a data-driven and holistic approach to planning, deploying and managing a microservice-based architecture can help your business

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