| February 8, 2024

Hot Takes on Cybersecurity! SIEMs, Silos, Data, and More…

Hot sauce aficionados Amy Heng (host) and Edward Asiedu, and guest star (and good sport!) Roland Cloutier, former Chief Security Officer of TikTok, ADP, and EMC, indulge in a plate of wings, endure increasing Scoville levels, and take on some spicy cybersecurity topics, including:

  • Which cyber event or breach would win the “biggest nightmare of the year” award? 
  • SIEMs: In or out?  
  • What’s the most overhyped security control? 
  • If you could only keep one security log, what would it be? 
  • Who should be responsible for breaking down security data silos? 
  • If all the data owners across an organization agreed to collaborate and share data tomorrow, would you jump on the opportunity?  
  • Is generative AI the beginning of the robot revolution? 

Besides having a little more fun than most vendor webinars typically provide, cybersecurity and compliance-minded attendees will gain a better understanding of:

  • What 2023 has taught us about how we need to continually adapt our security programs
  • How you can turn the heat up on bad actors by eliminating security data silos
  • The people/process/technology actions you should be taking now to prepare for a safe and secure 2024 and beyond