| September 21, 2023

How Providers and Advertisers Win Together

The relationship between content providers and advertisers is deeper and more crucial than ever before. Technology innovations are giving providers new ways to create experiences that resonate with consumers, and advertising efforts benefit from the ability to serve messaging with the context that’s needed to get the right message to the right screen.

FAST channels, distribution, contextual advertising, and the rise of smarter workflows and dynamic business models are all topics that will be touched on. We hope you’ll join us for this initial webinar, and that you’ll accompany us on the journey as we shine a light on more technology topics that will impact content and advertising in this decade, and beyond.


Peter Gibson Headshot

Martin Webb headshot

Peter Gibson

Vice President, Product & Marketing, Streaming, Broadcast & Advertising, CTS

Martin Webb

Senior Director, Product Management, Streaming, Broadcast & Advertising, CTS

Gregg Brown headshot

Marc Lauriac headshot

Gregg Brown

Senior Director, Product Strategy and Management, Streaming, Broadcast & Advertising, CTS

Marc Lauriac

Executive Director Strategic Initiatives & Business Development, FreeWheel