| October 10, 2017

Just You, Me, and the TV: Shifting to a Direct Customer Relationship Model

The initial online video earthquake might have already occurred, but the ground is still shifting. Broadcast is still the premier destination for video consumption, and consumer demand for that kind of superior quality is permeating the digital space as well. Home television is still thriving, but consumers can access digital content from more than just their living room.

Since the rise of digital over-the-top (OTT) programming, the transformation of the media/audience relationship has blown open the doors of possibility as to how video can be leveraged to create a compelling, lasting, and valuable new field of engagement. Yet, 80 percent of OTT apps is TV Everywhere, indicating that there is room to grow in the D2C arena.

Topics covered in this guide include:

  • OTT Monetization
  • Direct-To-Consumer Service
  • Digitizing Video Experience

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