| August 14, 2018

Live Streaming Summit Presentation: Dead Air is Not an Option


Dead Air is not an option

Every piece of content tells two stories. There’s the story that’s told when a viewer presses “play,” and there’s the story that each piece of content tells about where it can be played. That second story is told within its metadata. This Live Streaming presentation Summit is given by our Distinguished Engineer, Stuart Kurkowski, who examines the myriad of factors that must be addressed to deliver the right programming with associated information from machine to machine, and a mature content delivery strategy to account for each factor. It’s a critical, increasingly complex function, and today there are more factors to consider than ever before. Content providers must perform a flawless balancing act to optimize content monetization in an ocean of mobile screens, contractual limitations, live events, and targeted regional programming.

Discussion topics include:

  • Alternate content feeds—not just for sports anymore
  • Solving the complexity of terrestrial linear delivery
  • SCTE 224: Modern metadata management
  • Normalizing and automating linear metadata workflows
  • Auditing and validating using SCTE 224