| February 16, 2018

Multi-Platform? No Problem. How Content Providers Use Tech to Deliver Extraordinary Experiences

There are multiple doors by which viewers can access your content; the trick is, no matter which one they use, to greet them with a fresh, consistently relevant experience worth repeating. It’s a tall order, indeed. To win hearts and screens, video destinations are working harder to understand who’s watching, and to incorporate relationship building as a core component of the brand. 

This ebook looks into ways in which content providers use new technology innovations to drive new business models:

  • Successful video destinations are bringing the viewer’s journey to the center of operating plans, envisioning the optimal end-state and building an experience to match.
  • Deeper audience relationships drive real growth. Brands are discovering creative ways to bolster the value of their content by developing content – and experiences – that maintain fan connections for the long term.
  • In a world of mobile high-def screens and countless membership and monetization models, rights management is more complicated than ever. New technologies are helping companies to keep the right content on the right screens.

When a content destination racks up a series of hits, it takes a lot of agility – and network horsepower – to satisfy a rapidly growing fan base. We take a look at one brand that has transformed the way it manages and delivers its content so that it can keep the focus on the fans, and on creating the stories that keep a global audience tuned in.