Solution Brief
| April 26, 2021

Multiplatform TV with Cloud TV Suite

 Multiplatform TV with Cloud TV Suite

The digital transformation of the media and entertainment industry is a two-stage process. The first phase, which is where many broadcasters and operators find themselves today, was about adopting online TV, but only as a bolt-on proposition to the existing business, meaning the cloud is only seen as being relevant to the online side of the business.

However, the second stage of digital transformation is needed to fully unlock the benefits of cloud-based platforms. 

Download this guide to understand how the Cloud TV Suite enables a "digital first" strategy. It allows a complete multi-platform TV service to be delivered from the cloud, unlocking the key benefits from converging workflows:

  • Faster innovation cycles
  • Streamlined SLAs
  • Metadata consistency
  • Reduced Opex