| June 22, 2020

NAB Express: SCTE 224

Discussion of the SCTE 224 interface is relevant and timely to the vast array of NAB audience members.  In the last couple of years, SCTE 104/35 and other frame accurate triggering and marking technologies have begun to take a major foothold in the broadcast industry. The glue that makes this all work is the out-of-band metadata carrier, which is at the heart of SCTE 224. 

The SCTE DPI Working Group 5 has seen tremendous uptick in discussion and use of SCTE 224 not just in the United States, but worldwide. It is now being considered as a solution well beyond its original use cases of alternate content and sports blackout. It is now being used for geographic boundary enforcement in the U.S. as well as country boundary enforcement under the new EU laws. It is also becoming the latest vehicle to carry business data as well as advanced advertising data, especially for linear broadcast. As such, understanding this dynamic technology is a must for all broadcasters.

Produced in partnership with the Society of Cable Television Engineers (SCTE).

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