| March 19, 2021

SCTE-224: Enabling Regionalization & Personalization Opportunities

Media and entertainment companies around the world are in the business of creating compelling viewing experiences and keep viewers watching – offering local content is often a great way to keep your content on viewers screens. Content that is relevant to the region or the viewer may sound challenging, but by enabling the SCTE 224 standard, it is well within reach.

Andrew Warman, Director of Product Management, will deep dive into how you can leverage SCTE 224 and tailor it to your business needs.

Stuart Kurkowski, Distinguished Engineer, will offer insights into what this means technically and how it will make the most impact for your business.

Gregg Brown, Senior Product Manager will walk through use cases that highlight how systems are implemented and used at scale.

This session will cover how to address the intricacies of regionalization and personalization like:

  • How to enable event blackouts and replacement of content using streams from other feeds
  • Content insertion made specifically for a region that includes local native languages
  • Dynamic ad insertion
  • Audience movement, where viewers travel outside of their region, but still want to watch their content.

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