| February 6, 2024

Security Data Maturity Model whitepaper

Harnessing Security Data for Better Business Outcomes

While all data consumers within an organization stand to benefit from big data insights, security teams might have the most to gain, but also face some of the greatest challenges. The sheer volume of data, combined with the large number of different security controls producing data in their own unique ‘silo’, makes mining that data for helpful security insights difficult and time intensive.

This Security Data Maturity Model (SDMM) whitepaper provides a conceptual framework that helps security teams measure and categorize how well their organization can assess, analyze and leverage data to help protect and secure the organization’s infrastructure. Developing and using a SDMM is vital for an organization to understand its security posture and journey.

A SDMM can help organizations:

  • Develop an overall security data strategy.
  • Gain deeper organizational insights that drive better data-driven decisions.
  • Facilitate the move from a “reactive” to a “proactive” state with the systems, resources, and processes needed to get ahead of bad actors.
  • Align its security and business goals across business units.
  • Save money by focusing on tools and resources that best deliver actionable insights.

What is your organization’s security data maturity status?

Download this whitepaper to find out and accelerate your journey toward security data maturity.

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