| May 17, 2018

Solving Linear Rights Puzzles with Metadata in an OTT World

Amid a veritable sea of different over-the-top services and compatible devices, the combinations seem endless and present a tricky situation for managing linear rights. Aspects like regional sports blackouts, which can be tough to keep straight on linear TV platforms, become much more complicated when dealing with nascent streaming services and rights that can limit clearances based on device types, time and location. Metadata can play a crucial role in correctly managing these rights while also appropriately managing ad insertion.

As more and more content delivery is IP-based, some operators have turned to web interfaces like SCTE’s Event Scheduling and Notification Interface (SCTE 224) in order to communicate regional blackout/alternate content selection, market protection, or other content restrictions.

Can metadata help programmers avoid having to reoriginate channels or blackout content by easing the process of serving alternate content when rights are restrictive? Can metadata allow broadcasters to better monetize OTT by allowing for more targeted ad placements within streams? Can metadata make the rights management process less cumbersome for programmers and providers within OTT environments? This webinar, presented by Comcast Technology Solutions and Fierce Cable, will delve into these topics and more.

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