| December 18, 2023

Top 5 Reasons to Transition to Managed Terrestrial Distribution

Last updated December 2023

While satellite has been the preferred choice for reliable video content distribution, the recent C-Band reallocation by the FCC has shifted the satellite’s role in global media delivery. This has prompted many to explore new possibilities for tomorrow’s success. Enter the terrestrial distribution model.  

Comcast Technology Solutions’ Managed Terrestrial Distribution offers businesses an exciting choice for content delivery that improves the bottom line,  generates new revenue opportunities, and paves the way to incorporate innovations.  

MVPDs and operators are adopting Managed Terrestrial Distribution as a foundational step in their digital transformation; it’s a transition that not only lowers risk but also leads to new dynamic content experiences for an evolving, more competitive marketplace.   

What can Managed Terrestrial Distribution do for your business? 

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