| July 5, 2017

The VOD Factor - The Convergence of Broadcast and Digital

eBook: The VOD Factor — The Convergence of Broadcast and Digital

It’s an exciting time on both sides of the media delivery spectrum. For audiences on the other side of any screen, video on demand (VOD) isn’t a separate component or “nice to have” luxury anymore. For content providers and programmers, meeting audience demand for differentiated content – and building a flexible monetization strategy
around it – must remain at the core of your business model. Innovations are elevating video consumption to seemingly unlimited heights, and customer expectations for high quality are as device-agnostic as your delivery strategy must be in order to succeed. 

No matter what device an audience member prefers, a winning VOD experience has to consistently delight with broadcast-quality playback and engaging content. This ebook takes a look at the state of today’s time-shifted video delivery, what the future holds, and what video brands are doing to win hearts along the way.  

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