| March 15, 2024

You, me, and continuous controls monitoring

How putting your data at the center of compliance can be a match made in heaven for your business

Watch these experts discuss how to transform your security data so you can get faster answers for your everyday business problems. Explore how compliance teams become business enablers, ensuring audit readiness, proactive risk management, and role clarity. Dive into the dance of breaking down data silos and providing a unified platform for real-time insights. 

Watch now to learn how to:

  • Stop the communication friction between GRC and business teams
  • Make GRC a business enabler with quick, continuous, and easy access to the security controls data
  • Get your data correlated and enriched closer to the source with cost-optimized data retention

Tom Schneider, GRC Consultant, DataBee, CTS

John Bland, Cybersecurity Data Cloud Principal, Snowflake

Yasmine Abdillahi, Executive Director, Cyber GRC & BISO, Comcast