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MVPDs and operators have a unique opportunity to revitalize and strengthen consumer relationships by providing advanced broadband services and smart home capabilities. New innovations from Comcast transform the dream of a connected home into a unified, user-friendly solution giving you the opportunity to provide a service that customers crave.  ​

Watch our video for more about how Xfinity Internet is redefining the home game. 

Exceed customer expectations
Increase customer value proposition of xFi and gateway lease pricing by including smart home features.
Improve tenure and engagement
Utilize smart home features to increase customer engagement and extend tenure.
Simplify smart home adoption
Create experiential equipment packs that address specific consumer needs and provide an introduction to smart home.
Continuous video recording
Multiple days of bandwidth-optimized video, captured by as many as four on-premise cameras.
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Enhance and improve your customer experience with xFi

One of the most popular services in the xFinity portfolio is xFi, which extends wifi coverage in the home, and the xFi app, which controls the home network. You have the opportunity to create great wifi experiences for your customers while also driving new revenue opportunities with add-on broadband services.

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