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We live in a device-driven, screen-filled world. The living room television might have been the first screen on the scene, but people have more ways to watch, more content, and more services, than ever before. Customers need a better way to enjoy it all, which is where Entertainment OS comes in. Entertainment OS is the foundation of experiences delivered by Comcast and Sky to viewers around the world – not just to our own customers, but now to your audiences as well.

Game-Changing Entertainment Experience

Bring services and subscriptions into easy reach and retrieval
Less searching, more watching
Smarter suggestions, intuitive navigation, better monetization
Press Play
Power dynamic new gaming and interactive experiences

Easier living on both sides of the screen

Entertainment OS is designed to make it easier for providers to serve advanced entertainment experiences. Constantly updating and continuously evolving, we’re proud to offer you a comprehensive entertainment platform to drive up global viewer retention and satisfaction, while driving down operational and customer acquisition costs. Let us show you how Entertainment OS can help you keep more focus on delighting your customers and extract more value from your content and streaming investments.

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