A multiscreen, cloud-based entertainment platform that addresses the current and future challenges of the pay TV industry.

X1 Syndication is a fully-managed service that provides end-to-end, cloud-based video delivery to differentiate your video service in a crowded market, increase revenue, decrease costs, and reduce subscriber churn.

IP Video

• VOD and linear transcoding and packaging for multiscreen platforms
• Linear TV with instant VOD and restart
• Alternate content, including regional blackouts and dynamic ad insertion
• Content security and DRM
• EAS/EAN integration
• Restart/Instant VOD and support for Network DVR 
• Managed CDN

World-leading customer experience

• Say and see it on screen with voice search
• Customized STB apps and social media features
• Integrated SVOD internet video experiences
• Experience sports like never before in the Sports App
• Purchase to own OnDemand assets with EST

Platform and applications

• Access to best in class STB devices
• Award winning mobile/web apps
• Consumer owned and managed (COAM) devices

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