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OTT Digital Distribution One-Sheet

Our over-the-top (OTT) Digital Distribution workflows prepare your content for delivery to any screen. Download our one-sheet to learn more about the media library, transcoding, and digital distribution origin components that make our OTT digital distribution service quick and efficient.

A single, unified workflow to package and deliver your content to every digital destination.

On the surface, delivering video to any device doesn’t sound complex. When you realize that there are more than 40 platforms you need to support, and even more formats that evolve every day, the full picture emerges. What matters most to the consumer? The quality of content delivery becomes an additional factor. 85.1% of digital video users have stopped watching a video because of load time, followed by 85% who have stopped watching because of stalling or rebuffering.

The OTT video on-demand video distribution service addresses the growing challenge of reaching multiple screens quickly and efficiently by streamlining content processing.

Single automated workflow
Our single, automated workflow prepares your content for distribution to every screen. Ingest, transcode, validate, protect, and deliver your on demand video content through a single provider. Our flexible and modular model allows you to deliver to any device or platform.
Enable monetization
Extract the most value out of every piece of content throughout its lifecycle. Enable SVOD or TVOD monetization strategies though our comprehensive commerce suite, use SSAI to facilitate an AVOD solution, or create a custom business model that evolves with your fanbase.
Enable multi-CDN strategy
Our CDN Origin is specifically set up to enable a multi-CDN strategy. Additionally, customers have access to Comcast CDN, that leverages the massive scale and lightning speed of the Comcast network. 
OTT VOD Workflow

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