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VOD Trends Infographic

Video on demand (VOD) usage continues to skyrocket through both pay-TV and OTT channels. Viewing time is longer, subscriptions per household are multiplying, and market worth is growing. With such opportunity comes increased competition and new technical complexities for which to solve. Comcast Technology Solutions offers VOD solutions that put content providers in the best position to succeed at both.

Bring all of your content together and deliver it to set-top-boxes, smart TV and online platforms.

Working with all content providers and syndicators, we ingest and process content on behalf of the MVPD to process and deliver to their platforms (STB, TVE, Online). Comcast Technology Solutions offers a true turnkey solution enabling processing, metadata validation & transformation, quality control, and distribution to MVPDs and various platforms.

Acquisition Options:
Aspera/ Signiant
Live Capture

Ready-to-Air 15 Mbps
Mezzanine 50 Mbps

MPAA Certified Facilities in Denver, CO and Ashburn, VA.
H.264/AVC and HEVC
SD, HD, and UHF/4K
Standard and rapid-turn tiers
Closed caption merge

Advertising Protection:
C3 capture with RTVOD & DAI tagging
D4 asset creation
Closed caption merge

Process ADI 1.1/3.0 and custom formats
CSV/XML creation
Satellite, Direct Fiber & OTT IP
Managed catches
Delivery verification

160+ traditional MVPDs
Many MVPD and TVE Experiences

Reporting and analytics
E2E asset tracking
Content management
Operational efficiencies for MVPDs:
Single ingest of all content
One partner to interface with.
Best of breed workflow and transcode
No need for capital purchase and/or refresh by the MVPD.
Reliable and transparent
Content will be delivered on time and on target with status available 24x7 via web portal.
24X7 industry-leading support
Combine around the clock and hands-on support from our VOD experts with state-of-the-art workflow automation, ensuring your content is always delivered on-time and on-target.
VOD Aggregation Workflow
Learn more about our Video Aggregation service.