The superfan goes digital

Every program is searching for its superfan: but what if providers could hire a superfan for every piece of content in their library? That’s the idea behind VideoAI™, a powerful framework of artificial intelligence and machine learning that’s transforming life on both sides of the screen.

Superfans are more than just high-volume consumers. They know the subject of their passion at a granular level:

  • where something was filmed or where a game is played,
  • who’s in it and what other things they’ve been in,
  • minute details around a production, sports team, or performer – understanding that goes beyond mere viewing.

With all that knowledge, superfans create context and correlation between pieces of content, helping them discover relevant new-to-them content based on relative information like actors, genres, game types, locations, and more.

VideoAI works similarly by first ingesting your content library and then creating rich metadata that describes every component of your content. This newly-created metadata can better fuel your recommendation engines and new experiences with learnings that lead to more engaged viewers, and more effective, personalized advertising.