NEW WHITEPAPER: Tackling the Challenges of Video Commerce

Content choice has never been better for audiences than it is today. There are so many content providers, so many ways to watch and so many options for paying for access. But what new challenges does this choice and multiple viewing options bring to content providers and advertisers?

CDN – The Engine of Your Media Delivery Stack

In a global market defined by innovation and consumer expectations, the engine powering your media delivery stack is as important as the content being carried. How fast, and reliably, content is delivered is often a major factor in outages, latency issues, and buffering – all of which can hit the brakes on great consumer experiences. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are critical to success.

Delivering Content in the "Now" Era

Almost 50% of video marketers say that a top industry challenge is the ability to deliver content seamlessly across a fragmented consumer ecosystem. Another big challenge: gaining and maintaining audience engagement with high-quality content. In conjunction with SmartBrief, we've developed some research that takes a look at how these challenges have evolved, and provides insights to help businesses achieve their goals.

Survive and Thrive

The challenges of video and content providers are constantly changing. Monetization, using a cloud infrastructure, and delivering a quality customer experience only scratch the surface of issues that exist in the total video market. This whitepaper examines the shifting landscape of content and video services.

Deliver Your Content on a Network Built for Video

To stay competitive, content delivery strategies need to evolve faster than the insatiable appetite for streaming video, online gaming and large media downloads. With a multi-CDN approach, your media will be delivered at broadcast quality without sacrificing download speeds. A multi-CDN strategy can be challenging and confusing to launch, so let Comcast Technology Solutions simplify the process with our:

  • Focus & Resiliency 
  • Proven Scale
  • Flexible, Modular and Fully Managed Solutions
  • Speed of Delivery
Create a new way to monetize VOD and Live Content

Comcast Technology Solutions offers content providers and digital / OTT providers quickly-built tailored linear experiences with Virtual Channels – an elegant new way to make the most out of your content library and live programming.

Stitch together a curated programming schedule and serve it to audiences seamlessly, right along with your non-linear on-demand media. Virtual Channels makes it easier and more affordable than ever to add choice, value, and revenue to your video offerings.

Discover a world of possibilities.