Blog | Poorvaja Ram
February 8, 2024

3 Hot Takes on Cybersecurity: SIEMs, GenAI, and more

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We dived into cybersecurity’s burning questions with Roland Cloutier, former CISO at Tiktok and ADP, Edward Asiedu, Senior Principal of Cybersecurity Solutions at DataBee, and Amy Heng, Director of Product Marketing at DataBee™. They shared their hot takes and insights related to tools, data, and people in the cybersecurity landscape. As they indulged in hot wings, the discussions ranged from the relevance of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools to the transformative potential of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI).   

Here’s what can expect to learn more about: 

  • The Decline of SIEM Tools: Roland predicted the decline of traditional SIEM tools. He argued that the current SIEM solutions are becoming obsolete due to the evolving nature of cybersecurity. The complexity of cyber risks and privacy issues demands a more sophisticated approach that goes beyond the capabilities of conventional SIEM tools. Instead, Roland emphasized the need for a data fabric platform to fill the void left by traditional SIEMs. 

  • Vendor-Specific Query Languages: To Learn or Not to Learn? Edward highlighted the drawbacks of forcing engineers to learn multiple query languages for different security tools. Both Edward and Roland expressed a preference for standardized approaches like SQL or Sigma rules, which makes detecting threats faster and closing the cybersecurity skills gap. 

  • Gen AI and how to operationalize it for cybersecurity: Gen-AI is a rising start in the cybersecurity landscape. Contrary to the fear of a robot revolution, Roland envisioned Gen AI as a powerful tool for enhancing security risk and privacy operations. He emphasized its potential to automate tasks such as incident response, analytics, and investigation, significantly reducing the time and resources required for these activities. 

Besides the hot wings being spicier with each question, it’s clear that the cybersecurity landscape is evolving rapidly. Traditional tools like SIEM are on the decline, making way for more adaptable solutions that bring security data insights to more people. The shift towards standardized query languages and the integration of AI, particularly Gen AI, promises a future where cybersecurity operations are more efficient, automated, and capable of handling the ever-growing volume of data. 

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