Blog | Renee Ingenito, Executive Director
October 25, 2017

Centralize Production Services for Better Results

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Every media asset has a specifically tailored role and goal. Even within the context of one brand, each campaign can have vastly different post-production needs or versioning requirements. For example, the needs of a national campaign with a variety of ad spots would differ greatly from a regional outreach that might use one common asset, modified weekly to showcase specific offers or on-sale items.

The added value of a “one-stop shop”

Advertisers can more effectively streamline ad production and versioning, which results in cost efficiencies. It’s all about eliminating steps that don’t add benefit to your workflow. The intricacies of content distribution across platforms, from file management to video encoding/transcoding across all formats, all add up to a complicated path to consumers, but a centralized model can shorten that path and speed your content along to its many destinations.

The best-case scenario is to engage a partner with the capability to handle all of your finishing services, while also preserving your freedom to work with other post-production facilities. This way, your clients’ campaigns will have all bases covered. Centralized production services optimize costs by bringing services like these under one roof:

  • Closed captioning and subtitling
  • Video encoding for ad measurement watermarking (bvs(veil), nielsen (spottrac), teletrax)
  • Down converting (hd to sd)
  • Versioning / tagging
  • Logo insertions
  • Transcoding
  • Professional voice- over services
  • Digital file creation
  • Reslates
  • DVD authoring

Removing complexity and cost from an ongoing campaign

One of our agency customers has a great example of how they brought a clear win back to their client by converging delivery and production services under one roof. This agency is one of the most storied in North America. They’ve delivered award-winning success across a wide spectrum of clients in such industries as luxury cars, alcohol, consumer packaged goods, and financial services. One of their clients, a grocery store chain with a substantial regional footprint, needed a better way to handle their massive weekly needs for ad customization.

The neighborhood store changes sales and product offers constantly, all of which require fresh, up-to-date ads to get the message out. Our production services team was brought in to centralize operations, saving time and money across the board. Here’s how it works: the agency fully produces about half of each day spot. From there, we put a process in place where we could receive video, audio, and static photo files of each week’s new offers, which our team would then compile into a new weekly spot….and then deliver it. This process can now be reproduced across a variety of clients, which helps the agency deliver value to their clients.

Returning focus – and funds – to creative teams

Creating a world-class video ad campaign is an increasingly complex and costly endeavor. At the same time, the proliferation of devices, platforms, and mobile video has turned delivery into a make-or-break component of your plan, and can easily leach attention and resources away from your creative efforts. Companies are taking a fresh look at their production and delivery workflows to create efficiencies that improve cost and quality simultaneously. A trusted partnership that brings everything into one holistic approach can accomplish that.

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