| October 30, 2023

The Widest Screen: How can advertisers reach a multi-screen planet?

Advertisers and agencies are like a lot of industries, where new tools and techniques are often fastened to older technologies and workflows that hamper the ability to compete and succeed in today’s real-time marketplace. In this ebook from Comcast Technology Solutions the focus is on advertisers, how they’re responding, and what the future has in store. We’ll cover:

  • The pressures faced by media industries as faster networks and more capable consumer devices are leading to more ad opportunities, and a need for increased quality – which means bigger “more-K” files to move and store 

  • The need to move to a more automated, centralized workflow architecture, and how it returns more command, control, and visibility into ad performance back to companies that need to stay on a continuous improvement loop 

  • How top-scale advertisers are employing new technologies to liberate time and resources so that they can be re-applied to focus on what matters most: creating compelling ad content that compels more consumer action 

It’s a momentous time for advertisers. Now is the time to lay the foundation for delivering experiences that are more dynamic, contextual, and personalized. To that end, Comcast Technology Solutions launched AdFusion™ to establish a technology partnership with companies who need to incorporate new innovations quickly, but also need to dedicate more resources to content creation and deeper analysis into how best to reach every screen.

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