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May 22, 2020

Get your head in the clouds

Why Cloud TV delivers the best of both worlds for broadcasters and operators
Mike DiFerdinando

Make “me-time” more accessible to your audience, regardless of the situation.

No matter how your business sees the future, keeping pace with evolving viewing habits is critical to growing your audience. Consumers now expect the ability to curate their own viewing experiences, including where, when, and how they watch.

According to Deloitte, on average more than 60% of Millennials and Generation Z consume streaming video daily. By comparison, less than 30% of Baby Boomers stream video daily. 

Therefore, it’s imperative to make the user experience seamless across all screens to reduce user confusion, and friction to using your service. This means linking to on-demand content and functionality from the broadcast experience with services like instant restart, and making all devices behave the same. Now is the time to streamline the viewing experience by converging broadcast and digital to reduce costs and overheads.

Innovative business models can help make your offering accessible for ever-more niche groups of users. For example, if the data says your millennial viewers are only interested in your reality TV shows, then make a reality TV show bundle. If the Baby Boomers want classic movies or news, you can also do likewise.

While people adapt their viewing habits, and to using new services, at different paces, technology keeps evolving. Historically, technology has required linear and digital businesses be run as two separate units. But, by converging broadcast and OTT systems, broadcasters and operators can significantly reduce the doubling-up of efforts to drive savings and increase operational efficiencies.

With a Cloud TV platform, you can put an end to consumer confusion, and create engaging user and brand experiences, while providing the tools needed for business model innovation.

Maximize reach and revenue with a complete cloud-based solution that works on any device, with any business model, and launch unified user experiences across all devices.