Comcast Technology Solutions serves the advertiser, content provider, global operator, and technology markets with a complete portfolio of products and capabilities to meet the evolving needs for content distribution and monetization in a multi-platform world.

We recently introduced Media Technology Lifecycle Management (MTLM), an approach that improves how broadcast and digital content is originated, delivered, managed and monetized. It is based on our philosophy that connected teams, tools and processes lead to better problem-solving, development of new monetization models, delivering a better customer experience and – ultimately – driving improved business performance.

Media Technology Lifecycle Management Tenets

The seven-tenet Media Technology Lifecycle Management framework provides a simple and effective approach for a business to keep their operations on a path of continuous improvement. MTLM helps content providers, global operators, advertisers and technology organizations to:
Continuously assess, plan, orchestrate and deliver business value within the increasingly complex world of linear and digital media.
Align business and technical requirements through a more incremental, integrated and collaborative approach.
Meet the ever-changing needs of customers through new media technology, delivery approaches and monetization models.

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