24x7x365 Service

Timing and accuracy is everything when it comes to ad distribution. That’s why having a partner who acts more like an extension of your team than a vendor is so important. As our customer, your brand is our brand, which is why we take extra care of every ad that we handle. You know youll have a second set of eyes to ensure all spots are delivered to the right place, on-time, and ready-to-air. Youll also have a dedicated team of experienced, collaborative, and creative professionals to help you overcome challenges, and discover new ways to deliver more value to your agency or brand.

End-to-End Solutions

Finding efficiencies in costs and processes without sacrificing creativity can be a tall order. To streamline processes, you need an end-to-end solution that covers you from creation to distribution, from post-production to traffic, to ensure your spots are delivered quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Our transparent workflow takes the guesswork out of each spots journey.

Extensive Production Services

Youve got a great ad that needs post-production polish before its distributed, but going somewhere else adds time and money to the project. Our full-service production house can handle tagging, versioning, closed captioning and more, thereby combining multiple workflows into one. Our expertise in the complexities of post-production services will ensure that every ad puts its best and most accurate face forward.

Full Footprint & Proprietary Network

Don’t have time to worry about whether your ad got delivered? Put it in experienced hands that can reach any destination you purchase. We deliver the highest quality to a full footprint of television, radio, and online destinations. And, since your ads are delivered using Comcasts proprietary network, speedy delivery can also lower your cost to serve.

Discover A New Ad Distribution Service

As one of the nation’s largest advertisers and multiscreen video advertising providers, Comcast understands the importance of safeguarding your brand and getting your spots to air on time. We built our ad distribution services to ensure that advertising reaches its destination fast and in ready-to-air quality. With connections to more than 18,000 diverse destinations across North America, and online video distribution to all ad servers and publishers, you can be sure your content will arrive on schedule and deliver to an extensive reach of households. Highlights of our solutions for Advertisers include:

• Dedicated Support

• Full Ad Delivery Service

• Post-Production Services

• Proprietary Network

Products and Services for Advertisers


Choose ad distribution trusted by thousands of the world’s biggest brands and agencies - and backed by Comcast.

Advertising Production Services

Take advantage of in-house ad production services including fully equipped facilities, professional staff, and quick turn-arounds.
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