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Built by Security Professionals for Security Professionals
“DataBee is a tool that achieves the rare triad of higher accuracy, higher cost savings and higher efficacy. My teams do their jobs better, my employees are happier performing their work, and I’ve saved a lot of money!” ​

–Executive Director, Security, F50 Telco​

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The Challenges

There’s more data – and more data sources – than ever before, making it imperative that organizations employ an approach that enhances their ability to rein in complexity, mitigate issues proactively, and respond decisively. DataBee™ is designed to address the big challenges faced by big businesses:

Data explosion
More volume, more sources, more to deal with
Storage costs
Data explosion = rising expense
Data silos
Fragmented tools hamper analysis
Increased complexity
Disparate data increases time and resource investment
The Solution

Comcast Technology Solutions offers a proven-at-scale security and compliance data fabric platform that eliminates silos, allows you to save money and simplifies your analyst’s jobs. Used internally at Comcast in its SOC and GRC teams, this solution scaled to 200,000+ employees, and saved us $15M+ annually while yielding 3x faster detections, 5x faster compliance answers, and 35% fewer false positives.

Save costs
by decoupling your storage from your analytical layer, and reduce SIEM daily throughput by 30%+​
Vendor agnostic
A modular architecture avoids vendor lock-in
Use existing tools & dashboards
Keep your analysts in their favorite analytical tools and dashboards ​
3x enhanced hunting speeds
due to cloud native processing​
Greater compliance
with 10 Pb data storage for more than a year that provides consistent trending reports​
Multiple uses
threat detection, threat hunting, continuous controls assurance, SIEM decoupling, and more
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