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Your data is a gold mine, make it actionable with a security data fabric platform built by security professionals for security professionals. DataBee, from Comcast Technology Solutions, gives data consumers more connected insights to drive better business decisions.
Accelerate your global data strategy with DataBee

Connect your data – regardless of the type and where it is produced – into a security, risk, and compliance data fabric platform. Act on operational and analytical insights made available on an integrated and enriched data layer.

Boost cross-department partnerships and collaboration
When data governs the rules around us, collaborate on the same data executives expect you to use. DataBee transforms data upstream, standardizing to the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) schema with business context. Data consumers have more accurate data for reports and automation tools.
Automatically discover relationships between data
Break down data silos, not sweat. DataBee connects disparate data sources to extract maximum value and insights. Make better business decisions using data traditionally discarded for capacity without loss in data quality or integrity.
Take back control and optimize data costs
It’s your data, have it your way. Purpose-built on a cloud native, modular architecture, DataBee is designed to give you control of your data while enhancing existing capabilities. Start de-coupling storage from your data management and SIEM solutions by storing data cost-effectively in a data lake.
Pivot less, mitigate risks and stay compliant
Built by security professionals for security professionals™, DataBee surface real threats and signals from noise and creates real-time, trending compliance reports. Conduct multiple threat hunts simultaneously and act on noncompliant users and devices at cloud scale.
Go from data chaos to connected outcomes
It’s time to take on the data challenge

Data is the currency of the 21st century. The expansion of the global datasphere enables businesses to use data to examine the past, react to the present, and predict the future. Yet, available data remains disconnected, making insights inconsistent and inaccurate.

More data, more problems
There’s no shortage of data, but businesses want insights and data consumers can’t get answers fast enough. Duplicative data is unintentionally collected and available data lives in siloes and lacks context.
Complex data landscape
Keeping up with data complexity and evolving data privacy regulations is skill-intensive and time consuming. When you need to understand relationships between data points, don’t let data chaos keep you up at night.
Runaway data costs
Data is costly to maintain, but being noncompliant with retention requirements is expensive. Traditional data management and SIEM solutions are cost-prohibitive for high data volumes and lack flexibility.

How DataBee Works

Architecture of DataBee process


DataBee ingests and parses disparate security and IT data sources and feeds into a security data fabric where it is then normalized and enriched with your organization’s context and business logic. The integrated data layer is collocated in a data lake where you can start visualizing and querying insights. From creation to normalization to insights, data consumers have a single source of truth where they can collaborate and extract business value.

Databee capabilities & features
Databee image of data and security in abstract flow
Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM)
Strengthen all three lines of defense by automating and collaborating on security controls that help you close compliance gaps faster with DataBee CCM
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