Answer the ‘who’ and ‘what’ questions about your asset inventory

DataBee™ accelerates your security maturity data journey and makes your configuration management database (CMDB) or asset inventory work better by enhancing the accuracy, relevance, and usability. DataBee’s Security Hygiene solution leverages entity resolution, a patent pending technology from Comcast, to create a unique identifier, regardless of data source, that can be used to discover assets and suggest missing owners.

Improve your security hygiene by automating asset and owner discovery

DataBee for Security Hygiene uses patented, entity resolution technology to automate your effort to  mature your data inventory. Minimize manual effort to collect an up-to-date and ever-changing asset inventory. Improve sub-optimal security hygiene to bring more clarity to your environment for compliance monitoring accuracy and rapidly responding to security threats. Use DataBee’s authoritative entity ID in an ever-changing digital environment to increase alert accuracy and rapidly respond to incidents. 

Use DataBee for Security Hygiene to mature your data inventory so you can::  

Asset inventory enrichment

Whether you use a CMDB or alternate asset inventory sources, DataBee ingests from a variety of traditional sources for asset management such as your CMDB, Directory Services, and Vulnerability Scanner. The aggregated insights are used to build a comprehensive inventory than can be used to identify entities in data streaming through the platform.

Asset discovery and asset inventory cleanup

Asset inventory is ever-changing and DataBee continually improves security hygiene by automatically discovering new assets that are learned from the data sources streamed through the platform. In addition, you can reduce manual and error-prone configurations that can occur when analysts or system admins update the system of record.

Owner discovery to unclaimed assets

When assets are found missing, or an owner or orphaned assets are identified, security hygiene can be used to suggest the asset owner by understanding asset usage patterns and correlating with authentication logs.

Prioritization for critical assets

Treating all assets with the same urgency causes fatigue and leaves you vulnerable to high-severity vulnerabilities. Security hygiene identifies resources used by high-risk users and assets critical to business continuity, helping your analysts prioritize during incident investigations and remediation.

Your system of record – now with more actionable information

Security Hygiene delivers cleaner and more complete asset and asset owner information, prioritized with business and security context. Better information could help with  enhanced security coverage, fewer manual processes, increased alerts accuracy, and faster incident response.

Automate asset cleanup
Leave manual processes behind

Continuously discover assets – including previously unknown or orphaned assets – and fill-in missing insights. DataBee deduplicates and normalizes data from your technology stack to suggest owners of orphaned assets or Shadow IT and uses real-time data streams to keep your asset inventory up-to-date. Achieve more effective controls monitoring and gain more visibility and control of assets in your environment.

Elevate your hive mind
Collaborate with vulnerability and patch management teams

Teaming up with vulnerability, patch management, and security teams is a breeze. DataBee enables all teams tasked with managing assets the ability to assign business owners and collaborate from the same set of asset data. With a trustworthy system of record, the three teams can effectively collaborate to mitigate security risks by prioritizing vulnerability remediation activities on business-critical systems.

Bring your data together
Aggregate user and device activity for anomaly detection

Augment the data generated by your User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) tool to increase the fidelity of your anomaly detections. Augment the data generated by your User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) tool to increase the fidelity of your anomaly detections. DataBee creates unified Entity IDs and presents an entity timeline so security teams can track when and how entities connect with and use resources. Once the security team understands normal entity behavior, they can define the baselines and create alerts to detect anomalies based on the organization’s unique population.

Increase detection accuracy
Accelerate response time with enriched data

Uncover and bring visibility into interactions from assets and users. DataBee transforms log data and enriches it with business information so security teams have a more comprehensive understanding of incidents. By correlating users, devices, and assets with business context, security teams can optimize security detection workflows with a consolidated view of critical information, reducing the time it takes to connect the dots when responding to security threats.

Reduce business interruption
A clearer view to prioritize critical assets

Quickly identify and prioritize assets and other resources tied to high-risk users or business critical operations. Along with suggesting owners, Security Hygiene from DataBee brings to light previously unknown assets and weaves in missing insights. Security teams can use this to prioritize responses and distinguish between alerts impacting critical and non-critical assets more effectively.

Why Security Hygiene Matters

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