Communicate the business value of security and compliance

Data is the shared business language. Yet, getting business-ready data for executive analytics is not easy. Extracting and massaging the data into business value takes time and – if you’re lucky – an army of skilled data engineers and scientists.

Give executives the security and compliance insights and analytics they need to understand and communicate with the board and other leaders. DataBee delivers immediate and continuous executive KPI reporting capabilities to help you measure program efficacy and take action to mitigate risk and close compliance gaps.

Why DataBee’s executive KPI reporting capabilities matter
Executive-focused KPI reporting 

Different roles need different views into the same data, and DataBee has designed its executive KPI dashboards to meet the needs of the C-Suite and other executives ultimately responsible for managing an organization’s risk. The beauty of DataBee is that it provides role-specific dashboards and reporting capabilities for everyone who needs to monitor or act on remediating security and compliance issues. DataBee’s KPI dashboards are aligned with common industry standards including NIST and PCI-DSS 4.0, so organizations can have confidence that they are in sync with industry best practices. 

DataBee KPI Dashboard
Manage compliance drift

In many organizations, compliance level attainment is cyclical; as an audit date approaches, the level of compliance increases, but then it drops off again until the next audit. This is compliance drift, and it’s a compromising trend because of its drag on an organization’s security posture. Non-compliance is more than a check-box activity – DataBee’s KPI dashboards provide real-time insights into non-compliance issues so that action can be taken continually to close any compliance gaps and improve an organization’s security posture.

DataBee Compliance Drift


Easier accountability

Uh oh – you’ve detected a cybersecurity threat or compliance gap. Where is this happening and how can it be remediated? DataBee’s executive KPI reports help you answer these questions and more, enabling an easy drill-down into where the gap exists, identifying the department and team leader responsible for the impacted control, and even the individual “offender” who might be required to take action to fix this gap. KPI dashboards are updated in real-time to help you keep track of how quickly (or not) issues have been addressed, and in so doing, keeping parties all the way up and down the org chart accountable for follow-through.


Make decisions with data using a single dataset 

Hard evidence is sometimes hard to find, especially when different data sources must be cobbled together to tell a story. DataBee weaves together and enriches security and enterprise data, providing a single source of truth and a common dataset that everyone who relies on data can use to make accurate, data-driven decisions. For executives who have to be accountable for a breach or compliance gap, or who just need to make strategic decisions related to their security and compliance programs, DataBee’s executive KPI reporting delivers the information and evidence to enable them to make smart decisions.  

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DataBee for Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM)

Strengthen all three lines of defense by automating and collaborating on security controls that help you close compliance gaps faster with DataBee CCM

DataBee for PCI-DSS 4.0 preparedness

Prepare for fast-approaching PCI-DSS 4.0 audit deadlines with less stress using prebuilt dashboards that provide a consistent view of controls compliance

DataBee for Security Threats

Feel confident in your security coverage with insights and context across users and devices for all security events.

DataBee for Security Hygiene

Improve your organization’s security hygiene with more accurate insights into the assets in your environment.

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